Friday, November 13, 2009

Museum Cards!

Of course there are hundreds of great museums in the Netherlands. When you arrive, before you spend any of your euro on admission fees I highly recommend you purchase a Museum card. This card allows you access to over 400 museums for FREE.
The cards are 30 euro for 1 year.

Name in Dutch: Museumjaarkaart

You can visit: You can purchase online or at any museum.

Netherlands: Fun Facts

The Netherlands has a population of 16 million people.
This gives you an idea of the largest cities in the Netherlands.

- 730,000 live in the capital- Amsterdam
- 600,000 live in Rotterdam
- 450,000 live in Den Haag (The Hague)

The country has a present Queen- Beatrix who was crowned in 1980. She turned 68 this year.

Hash..Marihuana...Weed...Cannabis..Whatever you call it, it's here in Amsterdam!

As you venture closer to downtown Amsterdam, you'll find several "coffee shops" ( haha) and individual mini-mart stores that sell a large variety of weed and other items. You'll have to see for yourself!
It is pretty mind blowing when you're not used to "legal" weed and it's sold in stores, along with pipes like no big deal. WOW!!!
Also- the term "weed" is not used over's HASH or CANNABIS.

There is a Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum in Amsterdam.

Address: Oudezijds Achterburgwal 130 Amsterdam (Next to the Sensi Seed Bank)
Open every day from 10:00 am till 23:00 pm ( 11:00 pm)

Sensi Seed Bank (Looks like you can learn about all the different cannabis seeds and grow your own!?!?)

The Bulldog Cafe

Dutch cities remain just about the only ones in the world where you can stand in a public place and announce in a loud, clear voice that you would like to buy and smoke a large, packed joint, while doing it right in front of the police. Many coffee shops offer discounted bulk purchases.

Funny fact regarding weed- it's illegal to advertise cannabis in any way, which includes calling attention to the fact that it's available at all. You have to ask to see the menu, which is normally kept behind the counter. The menu lists the different hashes and grasses they offer and how many grams you get for your money.

Read about the history of the Bulldog here:

You can buy your very own- Bulldog smoker package. (OMG!!!) This is just crazy!

I read this information in my travel guide so listen up!

Thousands of visitors come to the Netherlands in general, and Amsterdam just to get stoned. This actually has become a problem creating a "drug tourism" country.
The Dutch government's attitude on soft drugs is more complex than you might think!. The use of CANNABIS is tolerated but not condoned. You can only purchase very small amounts for personal use only. If you buy in bulk and sell to others you become liable under Dutch criminal law.

The Dutch law regarding MAGIC MUSHROOMS. You can legally buy and possess any amount as long as they are fresh. BUT, as soon as you tamper with them (boil, or cook them) they become as illegal as crack.

Cocaine, Heroin, Ecstasy, Acid and Speed are all ILLEGAL in the Netherlands as they are anywhere else.

Now, the big question- how do I know all of this? I've been reading some great books about the country and the Netherlands and in almost all of them they explain this. I thought I'd save you the money and you can read my notes instead. I tried to cover an overview of all the important stuff!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The War Years: Tour de Holland

The Netherlands remained neutral in World War I (suffering privations of German war materials-which started from the profits who traded from both sides). The dutch tried to remain neutral in World War II but failed. The Germans invaded on May 10, 1940.

The interesting fact regarding the war is that the Dutch (among other countries) had a Dutch Bicycle Regiment. 

Here are a few images that I found online in my search. I found it very fascinating in the Dutch history. Especially after being here and the main form of transportation in today's society is the bicycle.

Bike is armed and ready for war!

This image is a support vehicle with a bike workshop and reserve bicycles. 1940

The 4th Battalion's Bicycle Company training in 1938.