Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Doetinchem and Germany

The Gasseling family is very close to the German border. They drove me into the country and I couldn't even tell I was in Germany. We went over the Rhein River which is the main transportation river in europe.
Here are a few really rainy, over cast pictures from more of my trip with the Gasseling family.

I'm standing on the only hill in The Netherlands- literally, it is as flat as a pancake in Holland. In the distance you can see Germany and the Rhein River bridge. We were very close to Emerick, Germany.

Me, Ton and Dabbert

View of Germany and the Rhein River bridge.

There is the bridge from the car.

A castle in Holland close to the German boarder.

Name is: Kasteel Huis Bergh (over 800 years old)

The Eastern Netherlands: Arnhem and Doetinchem

I was very excited about my travels to the Eastern Netherlands. My mothers side of the family originated from Holland. To this day there are several family members of mine who live in Doetinchem.
My true family history of the Gasseling family started in Wehl, Holland which is about 5 min from Doetinchem.

I took the trein from Amsterdam Centraal Station direct to Arnhem Station. My family picked me up from the station and we drove 20-30 minutes to Doetinchem.

Here are some great pictures of my Holland family.

Family restaurant: Resto Gasseling. Has been in the family since 1982. The food was amazing. If you are in the area traveling, stop by and mention you know Whitney!

Here is the address:
Keppelseweg 20-26
7001 CG Doetinchem
Telefoon 08340-44279

Ton Gasseling- Owner/Resto Gasseling

Ton's family: (from left to right) Marnick Gasseling, Dabbert Gasseling, Irma Gasseling, Ton Gasseling

More Gasselings: (L to R) Vincent Gasseling, Ans Gasseling, Grandma Gasseling, Ton Gasseling, Riet Gasseling, Marnick Gasseling

Yummy Hamburger!

Ice Cream Sundae with hot chocolate sauce!

Chicken and mushrooms....

French Onion Soup

Helma Gasseling and her two boys who are 14 and 15 years old. Helma is married to Vincent Gasseling and they own a Gasseling Snack Shop with snacks, soups, sandwiches,etc.

Irma and Ton Gasseling- so cute!

Marnick (16 years old) and Dabbert (18 years old)

Group picture--where's Whitney?

I didn't get the chance to meet Pedro Gasseling but he owns a local business selling fruit and vegetables to large restaurants. 

This is the house my grandfather's dad lived in and was raised. William Gasseling.
This house is in Wehl, Holland where all of the Gasseling family originated from!

Catholic Church ahead of picture where all of the Gasseling family grew up going too! It was an extremely rainy day and this picture was taken from the car.

Here are a couple more images of the Gasseling family farm land back in the 1800's.