Friday, November 6, 2009

Woedy's Tricky Theater Restaurant

I stumbled upon this really cute, tiny dinner boat theater next to the floating Chinese Sea Plane restaurant. You will find directly after on your way to the Nemo Children's Museum as well.

Woedy's Tricky Theater Restaurant            

I have not had the chance to eat at this restaurant, but it is on the list and I recommend you all try as well. Very cute, cozy place near the water--along with entertainment and magic. I'd watch out though, you might enter and not return!

Chinese Restaurant: Sea Palace Amsterdam

You must visit the Sea Palace restaurant in Amsterdam. You will pass the restaurant as you are walking to the Nemo Museum!
The entire restaurant is floating on the canals near Amsterdam Centraal Station. I would recommend taking a canal cruise during the day, and then have it drop you off for an evening of great Chinese dinner!


Image was taking on the way to Nemo Children's Museum.

You will reach the Sea Palace right around the corner on your way to Nemo.

Image from their website:

Casablanca: restaurant near Centraal Station

One of the first restaurants I went to in Amsterdam was Casablanca. I highly recommend everyone check out this place on Zeedijk street near the Red Light District and right across the street from Centraal Station.
The food is amazing, wine is tasty and there is also entertainment to follow the evening that seats up to 50 or 60 people. They have magic shows and live circus entertainment.

Here is the location:
Zeedijk 24
1012 AZ Amsterdam
Telefoon: 020 - 625 5685 / 0651 - 053 604


Here are a few pictures from my experience. My friends are really close with the owner of the restaurant and she was extremely nice!

BAKED TROUT! I highly recommend you order this item. The trout melted in my mouth. The dutch dip everything in mayo and you can see the dish of mayo above my plate. Great meal to wash down with some white wine!

If you look closely you will see that my friend Svetlana is holding a large book. Well, that is no's actually their MENU! That is the largest menu I have ever seen in my life and wanted to share.

Magic show after dinner! Free entertainment :-)

The owner of Casablanca with Svetlana.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Dressed To Swim: Unacceptable

I went to a marketing tradeshow event in Dam Square last week and received the Treasures of Amsterdam Historical Museum book.

I found it very interesting to read that in Amsterdam (of all places) around the 1800's, swimming was an UNACCEPTABLE form of exercise.

Well, the reason why is because it required you to be half naked and they feared swimming would be an open invitation for sexual conduct.
I had to share this fact, especially since Holland is one of the most open countries in the world when it comes to sex and drugs.

Swimming suits were called, SWIMMING COSTUMES made out of printed cotton.

Mixed swimming with both males and females didn't come about until 1930.

I hope you find this as interesting as I do!
Visit: The Amsterdam Historical Museum at: 

Monday, November 2, 2009

What is Floating REST?

Floating REST stands for Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy developed as a medical and therapeutic tool.

Floating is buoyantly relaxing in a supine position atop a pool of salt water which is continuously warmed to a temperature of 35,5 C. When floating you will find yourself in a cabin which has been especially designed to eliminate all outside distractions such as sound, visual stimulation, changes in temperature and gravitational pressures. 

This is going to be on my list of to do's in Amsterdam!

Here are the rates: