Friday, November 6, 2009

Casablanca: restaurant near Centraal Station

One of the first restaurants I went to in Amsterdam was Casablanca. I highly recommend everyone check out this place on Zeedijk street near the Red Light District and right across the street from Centraal Station.
The food is amazing, wine is tasty and there is also entertainment to follow the evening that seats up to 50 or 60 people. They have magic shows and live circus entertainment.

Here is the location:
Zeedijk 24
1012 AZ Amsterdam
Telefoon: 020 - 625 5685 / 0651 - 053 604


Here are a few pictures from my experience. My friends are really close with the owner of the restaurant and she was extremely nice!

BAKED TROUT! I highly recommend you order this item. The trout melted in my mouth. The dutch dip everything in mayo and you can see the dish of mayo above my plate. Great meal to wash down with some white wine!

If you look closely you will see that my friend Svetlana is holding a large book. Well, that is no's actually their MENU! That is the largest menu I have ever seen in my life and wanted to share.

Magic show after dinner! Free entertainment :-)

The owner of Casablanca with Svetlana.

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