Friday, October 23, 2009

Getting There and Transportation

The major Airports in Holland are Amsterdam Schiphol (pronounced skip-oll), Rotterdam, Eindhoven or Maastricht. All of these airports take about 1 hour from London, or ninety minutes from Scotland and the North of England. Amsterdam is one of the UK's most popular airport.

Here are some great Airlines and Agents to use while booking your travel. or

Major Airlines include: Air Canada, American Airlines, Air France, Delta, United Airlines to name a few.

By Train information:
Dutch Railways: can give you full details in English of train schedules from several stations to the UK and Netherlands. (also ferry times) Another great website is

By Bus:
There is a main route from London to Amsterdam, takes 12 hours or more. You can visit Eurolines at They use the Eurotunnel and a standard fare can cost you 52 euro.

By Bus and Tram:
Ticketing is pretty simple. If you are are going to travel around the UK and Netherlands for a few weeks or months you should invest in a monthly pass called the STRIPPENKAARTS. This gives you ticketing for all buses in the Netherlands, metros and trams organized on a nationwide system. You can buy them at all metro stations.

Renting a Car:
I would use Alamo (, Avis (, Budget ( or Europcar (

One really great way to see the Netherlands is to travel by bike (fiets). This allows you to reach parts of the country you couldn't otherwise by car or transit. Plus, you're able to get a great work out at the same time! There are well marked cycle paths everywhere! You have the main roads, sidewalks that are grey and the bike paths are along the road in red.
You can rent a bike from the main train station for 6.50 euro a day or 32.50 per week.
I would recommend using Mac Bike of Amsterdam.

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