Thursday, October 22, 2009

Must have BOOTS for the Winter months...

I spent well deserved money at the REI location in Seattle before I left for my trip.
Here is what I purchased and what I recommend for anyone traveling to the Netherlands during the winter.

All UGG products are great, I purchased the UGG Classic Cardy Boot. Price is $140.00 US dollar.
Direct link:
I wouldn't recommend this boot for walking long distances, but it's perfect for a house slipper and trips to the market.
You can also visit the following url for all UGG products at


Another really great boot for traveling and staying warm is:
All of the Polartech boots:
Click on the link below to find out what I purchased. They range in price and start at $185.00 US dollar. Well worth the money. I chose the longer brown boot. Great for walking long distances, EXTREMELY WARM and comfortable..also perfect for riding with your bike around Holland. Although the dutch woman ride around holland in high heels. Not me! :-)


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