Saturday, October 24, 2009

Bikes, bikes and more bikes! Also known as FIETS in Holland

This is where most tourists rent their bikes. They are usually all RED from Mac Bike and they provide you with a lock and chain. The crime rate for stealing bikes is extremely high in Holland, given the fact bikes are the main form of transportation. 

Here are a few really great bike images that I've taken throughout my travels so far. In the image below, look very close. Usually on all of the stairways there are small ramps for bikers so you can get your bike up and down the stairs easily. Makes it nice...

This is the bike of all bikes! The porche bike....the dutch would use this type of bike to put all of their groceries and to pack their children around town.

Mail delivery service...

Amsterdam bike, motorcycle, car accident all in one...priceless!

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